Aug 022013

A lot of people tell me they want to grow healthy foods for themselves and their families, but don’t have any place they can dig up and start cultivating some yummies. If you don’t have a community garden in your vicinity or a neighbor allowing you to dig up some of their property, you can still grow some crops – all you need is a little open space with a few hours of sunlight. We understand that access to actual dirt can be extremely challenging; we have taken on that hurdle by sourcing products that help gardeners with space and ground constraints. Let’s first introduce you to the Veggie Pots (1). They are tough, poly-fabric grow bags that allow air and moisture to penetrate. They come in a multitude of sizes, but we’ve found that the most functionally useful are the 15 and 20 gallon. These soft-body bags are reusable and can fit just about anywhere – they are ideal for most garden crops – even root veggies. We’ve personally discovered that potatoes and peppers do exceptionally well in these (see picture).

compost potatoes

Plus, hunting for the potatoes is no longer a monumental hassle, as all of the tubers are easily located within the confines of the pot. You can place the Veggie Pots on almost any surface – gravelly spots, compact waste areas, old brick patios, concrete pads and walkways – even a wooden patio or cluttered rooftop. We now offer these in bulk so that the per unit cost is just about the lowest you’ll find anywhere – team up with your friends and neighbors and buy a case collectively.

For a more urban look, we also offer the chartreuse Free Standing Garlic and Onion Planter (2) designed for members of the allium family. You can grow clumps or rows of scallions, shallots, chives, leeks, and of course your favorite onions. These are really durable and have dimensions similar to traditional raised beds, and just like the Veggie Pots, can be moved around and placed anywhere there is sunlight. We offer them as a set of 2, to keep the unit price down. Drainage holes are reinforced with grommets to ensure proper drainage.

If you want something that is more contained, protects the plants from the elements and even allows for an extended growing season, you could always invest in a Patio Plant Hostel (3). Not only does it provide the compact gardener with an impressive planting area that is elevated to save on back strain, there is out-of-sight storage area below to help control clutter. These are really popular in Europe for growing year-round fresh greens – it’s a simple way to have a constant flow of salad ingredients that you know are fresh and free of scary pesticides because YOU grew them. Please let us know if you have additional product ideas for the space-limited gardener and we will keep expanding our selection until everyone that wants to garden can have a garden!

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