Oct 022013

Raised Garden Beds in WinterNow that the summer swelter is starting to dissipate, everyone is once again focused on their yard and winter gardens. Just because it is getting cooler and the available daylight is in noticeable decline, doesn’t mean you can’t have a productive and nutrient dense garden. Now is the time to plant all of those healthy cold season crops including brassicas (turnips, cabbage, broccoli, kale), beet family (swiss chard, red beets), alliums (onions, shallots, garlic, leeks, chives) and tasty greens for your homemade salads. All you need are the proper tools, protection from harsh weather, and a south facing, sunny orientation. Start with a raised garden bed that has the capacity to expand as your need or interest grows. One of our favorite raised garden systems is Scenery Solutions – they developed corner brackets which connect to either composite or wood timber boards. These stackable connectors allow you to scale your garden beds in almost any direction, providing plenty of opportunity to maximize use of valuable garden space. All you need to assemble these impressive beds is a rubber mallet, screw driver and an angle square.

Many accessories have been designed to integrate with these bed systems to assist with season extension and year-round gardening including mini greenhouses. For those of you that are of the frugal DIY persuasion, you’ll be able to easily construct covers and frost protection for your new, permanent beds from materials at your local home improvement stores. For those that don’t want to build raised beds, we also have a comprehensive selection of cold frames, tunnels and cloches – all of which can be placed directly on the soil, allowing you and your family to grow a bountiful harvest during the cooler months without worrying about damaging frosts and blustery winds. There is nothing that says dedicated gardener more than an instragram of you picking Brussels Sprouts in the snow!

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