Jun 302010
Make your own compost pile for an employee garden.

If you want to get excited about composting, watch this video! In just 4 minutes, the folks from Kertis Creative present an impressive case for why We Need Compost! After all, nothing does a better job of naturally feeding the soil so it can feed our plants.

As We Need Compost! points out, this centuries-old tradition is one that lost favor with the invention of synthetic chemicals. In fact, by 1950 only 1 percent of farmers were composting for their crops. As a result, our soil is contaminated. Gone are the days when we had a million earthworms per square acre — a real shame considering how essential earthworms are to creating and maintaining healthy soil.

“I get concerned when I read the statistics saying that 20 percent of our fossil fuels go to food production,” says CompostMania co-founder Karl Warkomski of a fact shared in the video.

“What if their is a disruption in our fuel supply? We can live without driving anywhere. We can’t live without food. This is why I am obsessed with composting just about everything that is biodegradable and growing a huge garden.

“I shred virtually all non-glossy paper, including junk mail and cardboard cereal boxes. I even shred my garden burger boxes! My latest shreds were used as mulch in the black bean patch.

“I compost everything from the kitchen — paper towels and all food scraps of course.  I have a zip lock I continue to rinse and re-use. Eventually, I’ll get a compost pail — no kitchen counter space right now!”

Watch We Need Compost! to reignite your own passion and share it with others to inspire the same.

  3 Responses to “We Need Compost! [VIDEO]”

  1. Very nice video! Fresh made and right on. It captures the excitement around Composting today and builds a great case for the need to do it.
    Stan Slaughter
    Compost Educator of the Year, U.S. Compost Council, 2000

  2. Good media presentation! Thank you!
    As a member of Walker County Master Gardeners Association, Huntsville, Texas I would like to use the video in teaching future master gardeners. If it is possible could you please contact me? Thank you!

  3. The video is property of Kertis Creative. You can contact them at Kertis Creative.

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