Nov 282009

Now that home recycling is almost as commonplace as taking out the trash, get ready for the next evolution in waste management – home composting with a composting bin for every American family!

As you may know, San Francisco, Seattle and some other U.S. cities offer composting programs in their communities. Just as you roll out your trash and recyclables to the curb each week, participants in city composting programs also have a bin dedicated to organic compostable waste, like food scraps and pizza boxes. These cities turn this organic waste into compost which is sold to local farmers or vineyards, or used for city works projects.

However, instead of taking your compostable material to the curb and giving it away, why not keep your home composting in the family?

When you compost at home, you can:

  • Use this nutrient-rich material as nourishment for your plants, fruits and vegetables, inside and out
  • Save money on chemical fertilizers that only pollute your home ecosystem
  • Give your kids an opportunity to see the lifecycle of food go full-circle, as they can actively participate in turning your family’s food scraps into food for their next meal

Contrary to popular belief, composting is so clean and simple that it’s something you can do just as easily on a small deck or patio as you can in a big backyard. That’s thanks to safe, streamlined composting worm and grub bins that break down most of your food scraps in a matter of days. These bins are so clean and compact that you can actually reserve a place for them indoors, be it the laundry room, bathroom or garage.

In other words, anyone can (and should) keep composting in the family and learn how to compost at home efficiently and effectively.

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