Aug 052010
Grow potatoes in your own backyard!

No matter how small the space on your patio, porch or deck, you can grow your own potatoes with these Patio Potato Planter/Tuber GrowBags.

Based on what they sell in most grocery stores, you would think there are just a handful of potato varieties — baking potatoes, red potatoes, sweet potatoes, new potatoes and maybe the occasional blue potatoes.

In fact, there are thousands of potato varieties! But the only way you are going to have access to them is if you grow them yourself.

If you thought you needed a big plot of land to grow potatoes, think again. In a space of just 14 inches in diameter and 18 inches in height, you can grow 3 to 5 potato plants in Patio Potato Planter/Tuber GrowBags

These lightweight, reusable GrowBags can easily and conveniently grow potatoes in any sunny spot around your home, be it a garden, porch, patio or deck.

Features of the Patio Potato Planter/Tuber GrowBags are as follows: 

  • Tear-resistant, UV-stabilized polyethylene fabric that will not decay
  • Reinforced drain holes on the bottom of the bags so as to prevent water stagnation
  • Built-in dual side handles
  • Fold flat for easy storage during winter months
  • Growing instructions

To see Patio Potato Planter/Tuber GrowBags in action, check out “Growing Wisdom with Dave Epstein” video episode, “Growing potatoes in containers.”

You can order a set of six GrowBags in our store.

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