May 042010

The Compost Bin Flower Logo for

The Compost Bin Flower Logo for

Ecopreneurs Launch COMPOSTMANIA.COM


New composting website offers top gardening products, education on Earth’s life cycle

(DALLAS) – Today, two ecopreneurs and environmental advocates launched, a comprehensive online destination for all things composting, including state-of-the-art products and educational resources for beginners to seasoned composters.

“ provides composting products for the most advanced gardener to families who want to teach their children about the importance of being good stewards to the environment,” said founder and CEO Robert Olivier. “Our goal is to encourage consumers to re-connect with their local ecosystem through composting and organic gardening, which will promote the Earth’s natural lifecycle.”

Olivier launched with Karl Warkomski, co-founder and vice president of operations, to encourage consumers to reduce their ecological footprint through composting. Their mission is to educate consumers on the role of composting as an integral component of environmental stewardship, and offer sustainable products to put this into action.

“Composting is a way to feed the earth through recycling – it’s a simple and low-maintenance way to create nutrient-rich soil that allows animals, plants and flowers to flourish,” said Warkomski. “By reducing waste and giving nutrients back to the Earth, we can learn, create and experience the rhythms of a renewable life cycle.” offers Compost Bins on CompostManiagardening and water harvesting products. Specialty indoor and outdoor products include Compost Bins on CompostMania tumblers and worm bins for backyard gardens, as well as the BioPod™ Plus, which is ideal for backyard chicken coops and urban gardens. The site also offers a selection of pet waste disposal unitsgardening tools and other accessories. Products start at $25.

To learn more about composting, gardening, environmental stewardship or to shop online, visit

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