Jun 032010
Robert Olivier, featured in the Dallas Morning News

Robert Olivier Founder of CompostMania.com

In a feature article by Diane Reischel for the Dallas Morning News, CompostMania co-founder Robert Olivier shares the vision that inspired his BioPod Plus grub composting system, and the mission that inspired CompostMania.com, a one-stop online resource for all things composting.

“It’s hard to imagine this natty Euro import traipsing unkempt in the jungle. On his solo stint with Outward Bound, Robert Olivier had only a rain tarp, iodine, no extra clothes — and way too much time on his hands.

“But that’s how his epiphany came: By a river, at 19, in Peru.

” ‘I knew if I was going to make a difference in our ecosystem, I have to make it in the United States, especially in Texas,’ recalls the native Belgian. In that moment he chose a strategy: Make earth-friendly living an enticement. Don’t make it hurt….”

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BioPod Plus is a no-mess recycling operation

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Entrepreneur Unearths Simplicity in a Box – Dallas Morning News

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