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Get free compostable products for your home.

BioBag's mission is to help divert all naturally biodegradable waste from entering landfills – food waste, yard waste, paper and pet waste.

It’s one thing to buy compostable products and quite another to actually compost them. It’s for those of you with home composting systems to whom CompostMania would like to give free compostable products, courtesy of BioBag.

Here’s how to enter:

In the comments of this blog post, briefly desribe how you compost at home. So that we may request your mailing address, please include a valid link where you can be reached, be it a website, Twitter page or email address.

We have six BioBag products to give away so we’ll award them to the first six respondents.* Check out the featured products below and if there’s one in particular you’d like to try, specify as such in your post.

Here’s what’s up for grabs in the CompostMania BioBag giveaway:

1 MaxAir Compost Bucket – Perfect for cleanly and conveniently storing your kitchen food waste. Not only are the food waste bag liners breathable, but the bucket itself has ventilation holes to help ensure optimal aeration until you take it out to your Compost Bins on CompostMania.

1 Box of Food Scrap Collection Bucket Food Waste Bags – 25 three-gallon bags, designed to fit the MaxAir Compost Bucket.

1 Box of Tall Kitchen Bags – twelve 13-gallon bags, ideal for collecting compostable materials, such as food waste, cardboard and other compostable packaging.

1 Box of Lawn & Leaf Bags – five 33-gallon bags, which can sit curbside for up to 12 days before the bags start biodegrading from the contents inside.

1 Box of Dog Waste Bags – 50 standard-sized bags, which can be tossed right into the compost bin. Just be sure your dog waste is composted separately from your food waste, as compost from dog waste should be used on ornamental plants only.

1 Box of Cat Pan Liners – 10 large bags that can be tossed directly into your compost bin. Though there are different schools of thought on this, but BioBag does not recommend composting cat waste itself, but throwing it in the garbage instead. However, you can compost the liners and compostable litter. As with dog waste, just be sure to toss the liner and litter into a separate bin intended for use only on ornamental plants.

To learn more, check out our feature post on BioBag: The Bag With a Conscience.

*Giveaway limited to U.S. residents only.

  10 Responses to “BioBag Giveaway: Free Compost Helpers for Your Home”

  1. I have a big plastic storage bin that I drilled holes into. I throw all veggie/fruit food scraps, dryer lint, dead leaves, etc in there and then recycle the dirt into a planter garden that I have on the balcony. It’s fun watching the dirt compost. Still waiting on the so called biodegradable sunchips packaging to biodegrade, but that’s another matter :)

  2. We recycle pallets for composting bins and also do “sheet composting” directly on the ground (also called “lasagna gardening”). Later this year, we will be raising worms for vermiculture.

  3. We have a couple compost bins in the yard and I save my kitchen scraps in a storage container in the fridge to dump into the compost bin at the end of the week. I would love a compost bucket to use instead!

  4. I just got a compost tumbler and currently use ice cream containers until I can get the scraps out to it ~ the problem is they do not last but only a couple times and come winter I will not eat so much ice cream so will run out ~ I have wanted a bucket for some time now!

    Love you being on Facebook and seeing the posts that you do!!

  5. Oooh, we really need a kitchen composter for scraps. I hate having to save them in an old plastic tub. But then we just do an old fashioned, turn by hand pile. We’re planning to upgrade to something a little nicer next spring hopefully.

  6. We save basically compost all of our scraps from our food and all yard waste. I have the entire family into it. My wife wasn’t sure at first, but it caught on quickly. I take all the scraps and save them in an old plastic Folger’s coffee container. It works perfectly. Then when that’s full they’re moved to a five gallon bucket in the garage. I got the buckets from a local bakery. Then when that’s full they’re all added to my compost pile in the yard. I mix them and cover them in the pile to keep down the smell. I also have started something new in the buckets to help dry out the scraps and lower the smell. I manage a pet store. When they clean out our birdcages I and small animal cages I bring home the used bedding and stuff from bottom of the birdcages. Very good carbon. I love this project I’ve started and plan on continuing. I’ve also built my own compost tumbler too, but I need to fix and add a couple more wheels for balancing. Thanks

  7. Wow, thanks for all your fabulous feedback on how you compost at home! We will be in touch for your mailing addresses so we can get the BioBag products out to you. Though the giveaway is now closed, we welcome anyone else who would like to share your composting practices.

  8. We have a new composter and we use it for all of our yard waste….wow cuts back on garbage bag throw away…I am so excited to do even more in the spring..since we are now approaching colder weather have not had much time to do alot with it yet but just wait next year!

  9. We do a lot of vegetarian cooking; thereby, we have a lot of skins, peels, etc. All these are collected, and put into a ‘mother’ pile of leaves, garden trimmings and a bit of leftover wood mulch from last year. I put the fresh stuff on the bottom, and turn the older compost on top of it. I also use wood pellet fuel for cat litter, and separate out the ‘solids’ from the wooden portion of the used litter, stirring THAT into the mix. I’ve read that the extra nitrogen breaks down safely, and that the temperature of the compost pile destroys any bacteria. I’m well-aware of the high temps in my pile: in the mornings, when I turn it, I can see steam rising from it. As well, I can actually feel the heat rising from within the pile. I also use my grass clippings as mulch between the rows of our garden, to keep moisture in, and weeds down; leaves are added, in the fall, to till into the soil to make it less clay-bearing.

  10. We used to collect food waste in paper bags, but it’s unsightly and smells so I bought a 10 gallon stainless steel bucket but the 3 gallons food waste bags I got in Costco are too small. I’d like to try Box of Tall Kitchen Bags – twelve 13-gallon bags.

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