Though more than half of our trash is organic waste that could be diverted from landfills, composting of food scraps, yard debris and other organic material has yet to hit the mainstream. It is the vision of CompostMania founders Robert Olivier and Karl Warkomski to change all that, so that one day composting is as commonplace in our homes as recycling is today.

Mission Statement

To reconnect people to the planet through education, resources and tools for composting and regenerative gardening; and to educate consumers on the role of composting as a integral component of environmental stewardship.

In support of our mission, CompostMania.com is a comprehensive online destination for all things composting, encouraging people to reduce their ecological footprint and reconnect with their local ecosystem through composting, organic gardening, and promoting the Earth’s natural lifecycle. We accomplish this goal through website features that include:

  • Educational articles, videos and podcasts on how to compost
  • Blog posts on composting in the news and reviews of compost products to support best composting practices
  • Tools for composting, gardening and water collection representing a wide range of price points, making it the one-stop-shop for both beginners and seasoned composters alike

Founded in 2008, CompostMania serves as a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in composting, including individuals, families, students and communities. From compost basics and bins, to in-depth articles on vermiculture, to state-of-the art grub composters, CompostMania is the resource to either help you get started or expand your composting efforts.

Beyond your own activities, CompostMania encourages you to partner with schools, neighborhoods and communities to create a culture of composting that makes a positive impact on the natural world.

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