GrubTubs: Tackling Food Waste With “Table To Farm,” Upcycling Solutions in Austin

GrubTubs, the tub that turns wasted food into wonderful feed

We love Farm to Table, but realize that many food nutrients are still being lost before the food ever hits the table. As Austin moves towards Zero Waste 2040, GrubTubs keeps those crucial organic nutrients out of the trash. Recycling is rad, and you should keep composting that carbon, but why waste your precious nitrogen when instead it can feed a local farmer’s flocks? High quality nutrients like fats and protein need not be lost to the rubbish heap; not when GrubTubs can turn them into safe sillage and marinated meats, perfect food for our Grubs (technically black soldier fly larvae, or BSFL). These little grubs will eat all that organic waste and turn it back into usable nutrients. In turn, they’ll be eaten by local livestock like pigs, chickens and fish, helping farmers stay in business by reducing their monthly feed bills.

We love Farm to Table, but the idea shouldn’t stop there. It should continue on, returning from the table back to the farm.

If you’re a restaurant in Austin and you throw food scraps from your prep in the trash, we want you to join us in becoming Table to Farm.

For Austin. For America. For the Planet.

Comida para animales
GrubTubs recycles Food Waste to Feed Animals


As we continue construction, we invite you to contact us at 214.509.6000 or